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Remapping in Norwich, Norfolk

Bespoke ECU Remapping in Norwich

Remapping Norwich

Diesel ECU Remapping in Norwich

Why Choose DER for you diesel remap in Norwich

  1. Custom Remaps
  2. Stage 1,2,3 Remapping
  3. DTC (Removal of Fault Codes
  4. EGR Valve delete
  5. DPF Filter Removal Software
  6. Visit us Or a Mobile Service

Above is just some of what we offer for any more information please contact is directly regarding any diesel Remapping in Norwich ,please contact our Norwich remap dealer on T: 01603 381880

or email us here.

 Remapping in Norwich

From a mild “best of both remap” to a full out and out custom remap we cater for all. With Leading technogies from CMD, Alientech and Swiftec we can make Fully custom changes regardless if your visiting us or you opt for our mobile remapping service the same process is carried out.

Stage 1,2,3 remapping in Norwich

looking for a Staged ECU Remap, We have a fully warranted and tested database for 80% of diesel vehicles that we are able to remap. With a choice of stage one, stage two and stage three we can cater for all of your requirements but maybe you looking for a little more ?

Custom Remapping in Norwich

Custom remaps are 100 % unique to the specific vehicle and your request IE you have control to select how much boost a set AFR any number of different combinations that is able to be controlled by the remap.

Our remapping experts are based in Norwich and have are trained to the highest of standards and are regularly updated on both new methods and technologies so as to keep ahead of the remapping market.

With every diesel remap technician having completed our leading health and safety course along with our standard procedure course you should expect nothing less than the highest of standards.

You can visit our Main HQ in Norwich Norfolk,  Visits to our HQ are strictly by appointment only please call via 01603 381880


Mobile remapping services, We do provide a national remap service for Stage 1,2,3 remaps alongside DPF, EGR and some custom applications.

Please get in touch for a mobile remapping quote via our contact form, you can also call via 01603 381880.

DPF Removal

We can provide a full DPF removal service or provide DPF removal Software in Cambridge to disable the DPF Filter form regenerating any disable any DPF warnings and or sensors.

EGR Removal

EGR Disable or removal, the EGR valves found in modern diesel engines are trouble and rarely last a lifetime. You can improve both power and economy by removing the EGR valve from the system. Once removed the actual EGR function and all fault codes will also be removed from the system.

Speed Limiter Removal

We can perform both speed limiter removal and speed limiter application on most ecu’s. Please get in touch for more information.

Remapping in Norwich

Bespoke ECU Remapping Based in Norwich, Covering Norwich and surrunding areas with both a visit us and a mobile service. Our services include but are not limited to remapping, DPF removal, EGR removal, Speed Limiter Removal and Diagnostic testing.

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